11th Opinion : #935 Days Pending Wage Settlement of Public Sector Bank Employees


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Sunday, 24 May 2020

Opinion : #935 Days Pending Wage Settlement of Public Sector Bank Employees

#935 days is trending on micro blogging site Twitter since Sunday, the hashtag is shared a million times on twitter, mainly by the bankers of the Public Sector Banks. This was the grief over non settlement of their wages for past three years or 935 days and they wanted to share their grief with the finance ministry and Prime Minister. 

There are many who are opposing the banker's demand of wage settlement at this moment of COVID outbreak but at some point of time, if we think seriously, we will find them correct. 

At the moment when government is feeding the millions and billions with economic package and cash transfers, it is the bankers who are putting their life on risk to achieve the milestone for the government. They should not be rewarded for their hard-work. 

Over the last three years (935 days), the Public Sector Banks (PSBs) employees have not got a pay hike. Their 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement is pending for more than three years now. Despite repeated dialogues between PSBs trade union, United Forum of Bank Unions and Indian Banking Association (IBA), nothing concrete materialized. 

11th BPS

The banking management are offering the mere 12.5% pay hike on the ground that banks are having higher level of NPA. Who is responsible for the higher NPA to the banks ? They don't have any say. If we believe on their words, the common bank employees doesn't have any say in Non performing assets of the bank rather they are putting their much effort in recovering of dues even in corona time also. It is not justified to held the wage hike on the very specific ground, where even Government is also responsible for the higher NPA at some point of time.

The sole motto to run the trends with hashtag #935 on twitter was to get the answer from their own Unions and Government about the settlement of their much awaited salary hike. The unions under questions are UFBU, an umbrella body of nine bank unions AIBEA, AIBOC, NCBE, AIBOA, BEFI, INBEF, INBOC, NOBW and NOBO along with IBA.

Being a Banker, Your Opinion is highly appreciable !

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