Check - Whether the Credited Arrears by Your Bank, Correct or Not ?


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Saturday, 2 January 2021

Check - Whether the Credited Arrears by Your Bank, Correct or Not ?

Recently one of the Public Sector Bank has credited the 11th BPS Salary Arrears to their employees, which was later found incorrect. Many of the employees received the arrears less than Rs 500/- and few in paisa.

Further, the salary arrears credited higher to lower level staff than employees with higher scale. A clerk of two years service got the higher arrears than his Branch Manager (Scale II). All these miscalculation were done while making the arrears payment.

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How to Verify the Correct Arrears Payment ?

One of the viewer of the blog and fellow banker(Scale II)  has shared the Arrears payment chart. This is a very simple salary payment chart where the bifurcation of payment is done neatly and correctly. Follow the chart and do the calculation as per your scale. You may take help of 11th BPS Salary Calculator for easiness.

1. Add your Salary Payment Year Wise

2. Add your Enhanced salary payment year wise

3. Find the Difference

4. Minus Ad-hoc payment if any for year 2019-20

5. Similarly add the tax details paid year wise

6. Calculate tax on enhanced salary year wise (Minus PF/NPS investment)

7. That's DONE !! 

The Salary chart for Reference

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