Bank of Baroda Head of Digital Banking Akhil Handa Resigned

After BoB World Mobile Banking failure, the head of the digital banking of Bank of Baroda has resigned from his post. Mr Kadgatoor Sheetal Venkatesmurt will handle this charge in addition to her role as head of digital channels and operations. 

The reason for the change is due to the cessation of employment of Akhil Handa, Bank of Baroda informed while exchange filling.

Bank of Baroda has suspended more than 60 employees including rank of AGMs for canvassing fake mobile banking activation, where as the employees with the contractual positions are given option of resign.

Earlier, the Reserve Bank of India has put curbs on the public sector lender, preventing it from on-boarding new customers on 'bob World' due to supervisory concerns over the manner of on-boarding customers onto the mobile application.

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