C H Venkatachalam Rejected the Demand of Pension Hike in 11th BPS


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Thursday, 21 February 2019

C H Venkatachalam Rejected the Demand of Pension Hike in 11th BPS

Today all the constituents of UFBU are meeting to discuss the issues confronting the UFBU with regards to the media reports on wage revision attributed to AIBEA from Kanpur meeting and also to discuss on AIBOC and NOBO joint letter to IBA not to hold talks with UFBU. 

These developments were not in tune with UFBU decision to hold talks  with IBA on  02.02.2019.

The inside fighting appears to be very tense and shows negative on the utterances of AIBEA to participate in the talks and sign the settlement even if AIBOC does not participate in the talks as per media reports.

On the other hand AIBOA has taken a stand and has stated their issues to be taken up for discussion. But there is no evidence of the Retirees demands of even Pension Updation and Family Pension in the issues listed by AIBOA in today's discussion. 

AIBOC has already made their stand clear after publically declaring that they will not sign the wage revision settlement until the Retirees demands of Pension Updation and Family Pension are resolved. Kudos to them.

On the other hand Shri CHV of AIBEA has conveyed us that the main demand of Pension updation is not possible at present due to no money or fund crisis in our Pension Trust Funds having negative balance. 

He clearly stated that Pension Updation will be taken up only when funds in the Pension Trust Funds will suffice to bear the substantial amount. 

However the demand of Family Pension may figure in this BPS negotiations.

It's really surprising to note that Shri CHV view and version about Pension Trust fund is far behind truth besides there is enough proof and evidence that money in Pension Trust Funds is more than sufficient to meet the increased cost of  Pension Updation and Family Pension. We can't accept these lame excuses.

Hence we have to keep our fingers crossed to see the outcome of today's meeting of all UFBU constituents before going in for BPS negotiations on 21.02.2019.

Let's hope that some good sense will prevail upon our leaders and they take up the issues Retirees tomorrow else we are fighting and will fight for finish.

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