11th Minutes of Meeting 01st Feb 2019 - IBA & AIBEA Meeting Updates


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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Minutes of Meeting 01st Feb 2019 - IBA & AIBEA Meeting Updates

11th Bipartite Wage Settlement Status - Another round of Bipartite Talks was held today in Mumbai between IBA and our 5 Workman Unions. IBA was represented by Mr. Rakesh Sharma, (MD of IDBI Bank), Chairman of the Small Negotiating Committee, Mr. V G Kannan, Chief Executive, IBA, Mrs. Reeta Kaul, GM-HR, PNB, Mr. Iswar Chandra Mishra, GM-HR, Bank of India, Mr. B Rajkumar, Dy. Chief Executive, IBA, Mr. Sanjay Prakash DGMHR, SBI, Mr S K Kakkar, Sr Advisor-HR, IBA and Mr. K. S Chauhan, Sr Vice President, IBA. We were represented by our five Workman Unions. 

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Issues which were discussed in the meeting 

 • Transportation of personal effects by train or road while on transfer from one station to another: Some improvements would be considered looking to entitlement of officers. 

• Increase in Breakage Allowance while on transportation of personal effects: agreed to increase the existing entitlement by 10% for both With Receipt Basis and Declaration Basis. 

• Festival Advance to employees – increase in quantum: Agreed to finalise it by discussion in the main negotiating committee and recommend to the Government. 

• Problems of Ex-servicemen employees in fitment, etc: Government guidelines from the Finance Ministry are being implemented. Circular with FAQ will be prepared and sent to all Banks for proper implementation of the Government guidelines. 

• Definition of family for coverage under Group Medical Insurance Policy – Any two of parents or parents-in-law to be covered: Matter will be taken up with United India Insurance Company. 

• Privilege Leave taken on sick grounds where sick leave is exhausted should not be counted as an occasion in the entitlement of 4 occasions in an year: Agreed. 

• Maternity Leave can be availed in combination and continuation of other kinds of leave: Agreed.

Follow up action in issues covered by Record Note on retirees issues dated 25-5-2015: 

• LFC for retired employees – IBA is not in favour. • Fixing the premium on medical insurance scheme for retirees – Separate discussions will be held with UFBU.

• Increase in Ex-Gratia Pension to pre-1986 retirees/spouses – will be recommended to Government. • Revision of Family Pension – will be discussed further in the full negotiating committee. 

• Updation of pension and periodical revision in pension along with wage revision for in-service employees - will be discussed further in the full negotiating committee. 

• Revision in DA on pension on quarterly basis like serving employees - will be discussed further in the full negotiating committee. 

• Allocation of fund for Staff Welfare Schemes based on Operating Profits instead of Net Profit – matter has been recommended to Government and their decision is awaited.

Issues relating to Disciplinary Action and Procedure:

• These issues were discussed in a Small Committee of IBA and Workman Unions. The gist of the discussions, the issues raised by us and their response are given below: 

• Eligibility for claiming TA/DA by the Defence Representatives for attending departmental enquiries held outside the State. ➢ Such claims will be sanctioned by Banks looking to the merits of the claims. 

• Improvement and enhancement in rates of Subsistence Allowance payable to employees on suspension. 
➢ Matter will be discussed further in the Full Negotiating Committee 

• Indiscriminate use of Clause 5(j) relating to acts alleged as prejudicial to the interest of the Bank
➢ “Doing any act prejudicial to the interest of the Bank” will be included under Minor Misconduct as a new Clause 7(q).

• Clarification with regard to provision of Clause 6(e) of Settlement dt 10-4-2002 i.e. bringing down by two stages in the scale of pay 

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➢ The specific period of rigour shall be mentioned in the punishment order. It can be for a maximum of 2 years without cumulative effect and annual increment/stagnation increment falling due during the rigour period will be released on respective due dates. 

Clarification to be given that acts of minor misconducts clearly enumerated under Clause 7 of Settlement dated 10.4.2002 should not be brought as major misconduct under Clause 5. ➢ Unions’ contention is agreed upon. 

• Multiple charges for one incident should not be made out. 

➢ Multiple charges, as per the procedural lapses, can be made for one incident. However, punishment given shall be only one.

• Punishment order by the Disciplinary Authority not to be implemented till the final disposal of Appeal by the Appellate Authority. 

➢ This proposal was not agreed to.

• Disciplinary action should not be taken after retirement quoting Pension Regulation as the same is not provided in Bipartite Settlement. 

➢ Issue needs to be discussed at Full Negotiating Committee 

• Awarding the punishment of stoppage of increments should be without affecting superannuation benefits, as in the case of Officers. 

➢ Disciplinary Authority may be given the discretion to decide whether the punishment will affect superannuation benefit or not. 

• Provision to be added for making an Appeal against suspension of employees 

➢ Suspension is not a punishment and hence this proposal cannot be accepted. 

• In cased of dismissal as punishment, there should be a Review Authority after Appellate Authority. ➢ Not acceptable.

• Imposing ‘Fine’ as punishment should be deleted from the list of punishments. 

➢ Agreed to recommend deletion to the Full Negotiating Committee

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