11th 11th Bipartite Wage Negotiation Meeting Outcomes for dated 19-06-2019


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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

11th Bipartite Wage Negotiation Meeting Outcomes for dated 19-06-2019

Minutes of 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement Meeting between IBA and UFBU dated 19-06-2019

As per Invitation from IBA, today, i.e., on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 talks on XI Bipartite Settlement between IBA and Bank Karmachari Sena MAHASANGH were held at IBA office, Cuffe Parade Mumbai.

After about four months of summer of stopover or breakdown in talks today monsoon was expected to arrive. But like real rainy season this monsoon too is delayed. There were just a few pre monsoon showers.

Actually nothing worth mentioning has happened today.

"United Forum of Bank Unions" delivered a letter addressed to IBA & Negotiating Committee to discuss/negotiate for all officers upto scale VII."

Earlier IBA was firm on talks only upto scale III. Now it is ready to extend them upto sc. V.

Officer's bodies AIBOC & NOBO continued their boycott due to fractured mandate. They want to extend the sphere upto sc. VII as usual.

Award Unions showed willingness to continue discussions.

There was general discussion on Improvement in Family Pansion and Pension Revision. But IBA showed it's inability to commit anything in this regard. 

They have mandate to talk for working employees and not for those retired.

Possibility of 5 day week was just touched.

Shortcomings in Medical Insurance Scheme were brought to notice of IBA by Unions. 

IBA representatives want to take up these issues in IBA's forthcoming Managing Committee Meeting scheduled on 24 June. At that meet date for next round of Bipartite talks may be decided and then conveyed to Unions.

After Lunch there was informal meeting between Unions and IBA on Medical Insurance Scheme. Unions brought on record various hardships faced by employees and pensioners. It was long list of common problems. A few suggestions such as removal of GST from Medical Insurance, improvement in infra structure of Insurance Cos., Unaffordable premiums paid by Retirees, holding periodical Review Meetings at major centres, cashless settlements, delay in forwarding claims by Banks etc. 

Discussion was good. But No decision.

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