11th BPS Meeting Updates - Bankers Demand Which are to be Discussed on 22-07-2020


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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

11th BPS Meeting Updates - Bankers Demand Which are to be Discussed on 22-07-2020

Demands and issues raise by UFBU and Retires associations which are supposed to be discussed.

👏 11th BPS Demands at Glance 👏

Demand/ Issues raise by IBA for 11th BPS

1. C2C concept to be brought in;
2. Rationalisation of Special Pay carrying posts. 
3. Review of the two graduation increments;
4. Transfer and deployment of workmen staff;
5. Simultaneous conduct of departmental and judicial proceedings 
6. Conducting the departmental proceedings after retirement of workmen;
7. Premature retirement of workmen; 
8. Outsourcing of any activity within the RBI guidelines; 
9. Review  the automatic movement of officers from Scale I to II and also Scale II to III ;
 10. To mark lien on NPS fund of employees to recover loss to the Bank on account of their proved misconduct.

Demands of the UFBU( union and association) as part of the 11th bipartite settlement:

1. Wage revision 20% hike.( Last meeting IBA offer 15%)
2. 5 day banking
3. Merger of special allowance with basic pay
4. Scrap New Pension Scheme (NPS)
5. Updation of pension
6. Improvement in family pension
7. Allocation to staff welfare fund based on operating profits
8. Exemption from income tax on retiral benefits without ceiling
9. Uniform definition of Business Hours, Lunch Hour, etc. In Branches
10. Introduction of Leave Bank
11. Defined working hours for officers
12. Equal wage for equal work for
Contact employees/Business Correspondents
13. Loading on Basic 4%

Demands of Bank's Retires.

1. Pension Updation
2. Revision in Family Pension
3. 100@% DA 
4. Special pay case
5.  Free Health Insurance
6. Re-Notification of enhanced Gratuity.

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