IBA Blames 'AIBEA' for Delay in 11th BPS Wage Settlement


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Monday, 19 October 2020

IBA Blames 'AIBEA' for Delay in 11th BPS Wage Settlement

The internal feud between Workmen and Officers Unions have derailed the proposed settlement of 11th BPS and arrears payment to the bank employees as promised before 25th October. 

Earlier, the employees union like AIBEA, NCBE, NOBW, INBEF has rejected the demand of Special Allowance pay at 16.4% and insisted on 20%. The officers associations has already accepted the demand of Special Pay allowances at 16.4% .

IBA makes a reason of non-acceptance by the Workmen Unions and did not agree on signing the final settlement note. Later both the union started blaming the IBA for delay in wage settlement. 

Being a common banker, we don't understand what is right and wrong ? We only know that our salary hike is pending for 3 years now and no one is ready to accept the blame. 

The Circular released by the officers Union accept the same.

We had three rounds of negotiations through video conferencing on 24th of August, 10th of September and 12th of October 2020. In the last round of discussions, we were able to narrow down the differences in the matter of allocation of this enhanced quantum in various heads of the pay slip component. Thereafter, on the advice of IBA, the representatives of the officers’ organizations reached Mumbai to commence the exercise on 15th and aimed to conclude the same within a week’s time. The progress made on 15th and 16th was in the right direction. Several key issues were clinched after protracted negotiations, which would substantially benefit officers across the country irrespective of grade/scale. Having received the concurrence of IBA to hold the signing ceremony on 18th October, 2020, formal invitations were sent to representatives of our organizations across the country. 

However, today abruptly without any rhyme or reason, IBA in the forenoon informed their inability to conclude and ink the joint note pertaining to officers’ wage revision w.e.f. 01.11.2017.
The lame reason cited by them was not signing the costing exercise with the Workmen Unions. We protested against this unprofessional approach of IBA and wanted intervention of top brass of IBA who were evasive.

Having assessed the overall situation created by IBA, a communication was sent to them expressing our strong displeasure, on the sudden turn of events leading to the unwarranted situation.

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