Expected Salary - 12th Bipartite Wage Settlement

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement Expected Salary for bank employees.  The Wage hike for the public sector bank employees are getting due since 01-11-2022 and till date there are no much official communication or charter of demand has been shared with IBA by the UFBU. After seeing the restless from the bankers union, it is expected that 12th BPS will also take another two or three years as like previous many settlements.

Based on the rough calculation based on the previous settlement mathematics, it is believed that the dearness allowance or merger of DA slabs payable for the period from May 2022 to July 2022 along with a load factor of 2.50% will be used to arrive at new basic pay.

If it is believed that the settlement will be effective from 1st Nov, the DA will be paid as mere 0.05% per slab from November 2022 over and above the merged slabs.

12th Bipartite Settlement

Keeping this view, the expected salary under 12th Bipartite for Officers will be Rs 49000 with an increase of Rs 7500 in basic pay and for clerks, it will be Rs 24,000 with hike of Rs 3700/-. 
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