12th BPS Updates - List of Demands Accepted by Bankers' Union

12th Bipartite Salary revision for the public sector bank employees, latest updates and the list of demands accepted by the Bankers' Union and other demands under considerations.


Core Group (Officers) Meeting

Chairman of Core Group (Officers) Committee Shri Om Prakash Mishra, DMD - HR & CDO - SBI held Meeting of the Group with the representatives of Officers' Associations for further discussion on the Charter of Demands at Committee Room of IBA, World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005.

The Meeting took place on Wednesday 25 October, 2023.

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The Discussions :


1) Demand for all existing Stagnation Increments upto scale V should be converted to regular Increments after one year from reaching max of the scales. With it removing present anomaly in Fitment on Promotion. IBA could not consider it favourably to encourage career building and promotions. However, depending on cost factor, IBA may revisit this demand.

2) Demand for Merger of present 8 scales to be reduced into two scales was rejected by IBA.

3) In line with the provisions of Award staff, Officers should also be given one Increment for passing JAIIB and two Increments for passing CAIIB was agreed for consideration by IBA.

4) Demand for de- freezing FPP was dropped due to it's effect on cost.

5) PQP : Instead of consolidated amount demand was put for 1 & 2 Increments respectively for JAIIB and CAIIB passing. IBA showed positive signal.

6) IBA has not agreed for Introduction of self lease for Officers.

7) Closing Allowance to be enhanced and paid quarterly - thus demand will be discussed further. IBA may consider quarterly closing allowance of ₹ 1500.

8) Areas declared as SEZ/ NEZ/ EPZ - the branches coming under these areas should be treated on par with Metro Centres for all Allowances and perquisites. IBA is studying this demand.

9) IBA has agreed in principle - introducing incentive for Rural and other sensitive/ difficult areas.

10)  On Officer's demand for removal of restrictions of minimum of 7 days for Officiating in higher grade and rationalised formula for Computation of Officiating Allowance, IBA has asked Associations to suggest formula.

11) For various Demands of improvements in Leave Rules, IBA has formed a separate Sub Committee on Leave matters.

12) IBA may consider following Demands with logical conditions :

a. Revision of Conveyance allowance to special employees.

b. FULL Pension to Physically Challenged employees at 50% of pay irrespective of service rendered.

c. Visually impaired employees should be permitted an escort for availing LFC. The entitlement of escort will be same as the employee (like in RBI)

13) WOMEN :

Demand for special provision for Women employees with regard to placement and Postings,  creche facility as per Govt guidelines/ reimbursement of Fertility Treatment and additional Leave/ flexible timings/ work from home, children Leave as applicable in Central government. IBA has informed that Govt Advisory is already issued.

14) IBA agreed to take up the demand for Appointment on Compassinate grounds to be completed within six month period.

15) IBA will ask DFS to examine guidelines for implemention in all Banks- Fitment Formula for Ex Servicemen.

16) Compensation for late sitting. Banks will be asked to submit data. Unions are asked to submit suggestions.

17) Unions' demand for payment of lumpsum amount on transfer may be considered favorably.



Negotiating Committee Meeting - ROUND 4

On Friday 27 Oct, 2023 the Fourth Round of Negotiations between IBA and Unions took place at Committee Room of IBA, World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005.

Earlier round took place on 29 Sept, 23.

IBA team was led by the Chairman of the Negotiating Committee, Mr. M. V. Rao, M.D. & CEO of Central Bank of India.

The Proceedings


IBA made an offer of 15% increase in Payslip cost as Wage Revision.


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Unions did not agree for this proposal. urged IBA to improve this offer. Discussion will continue....

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