Lady Officers 'Work From Home' Demand - Key Areas


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Monday, 8 May 2017

Lady Officers 'Work From Home' Demand - Key Areas

After Union demand to IBA for settling Bank's lady officers work from home demand, following are the key areas identified for assignment.

As you aware that Charter of Demands submitted by Bank's Officers Union to IBA has demanded the 'Work from Home' concept for all lady officers working in the Public, Private and Old private Banks in India.

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Areas Identified for Lady Officers to Work from Home

Few areas where the concept of work from home can be introduced and hope that the Bank will implement the concept soon. 
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1. Complaint management Knowledge helpline.

2. HR helpline/ complaint resolution. 

3. App related queries and feedback resolution Customer Relationship Management. 

4. Customer Feedback. 

5. Credit appraisal Cross selling Marketing. 

6. Lead management Wealth management ATM cash out monitoring CSP monitoring.

7. Inspection and Audit compliance monitoring. 

8. Salary processing and other HRMS linked activities under SAP ERP Market research for effective marketing and cross selling, telemarketing. 

9. KYC/ FATCA /PAN Seeding/ Aadhaar Seeding other statutory updates (with a trickle feed module) for bulk upload subsequently at front end. 

10. Legal support RTI Queries Ifams. NPA monitoring and recovery drive and follow-up. 

11. Help Desk. HR: Fitment, Scrutinizing Bills such as TA, LFC, Medical etc. Reservation rooster, promotion exercise data scrutiny, recruitment data scrutiny.

12. Monitoring Job Family and Transfer Tools. Scrutinizing bills of vendors, Pathological lab (Tie up).  

13. Follow up of various Pan India initiatives (Present and future) such as: Migration to cloud server, 2 mbps leased line and backup connectivity, Branch Ambience etc. 

14. Vendor Management Services for faster resolution of issues of branch and monitoring of services of vendors. 

15. Customized MIS Data preparation/presentation for seminars, meetings, Training etc. 

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