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Monday, 8 May 2017

11th Bipartite Settlement - Lady Officer's 'Work From Home' Scheme

After 11th Bipartite the Lady officers in the banking sector need not to worry about the work. They would get salary even after sitting at home. Bank officer's Union is more concern about the lady officers of bank after saying that the safety and security is the major concern for lady officers in the bank so they should be allowed to work from home. They are siting examples of Private sector IT companies, SBI etc.

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So, All the Male officers tighten your belt. Especially Branch Manager's.

Bank's Officers unions has demanded the 'Work From Home' concept for salary officers. Their argument is :

1. One of the major concerns of the lady Officers has been their placements and postings in the banks. The country is yet to develop in the matter of infrastructure, the facilities exclusively to the lady members in different places. Hence, a separate Transfer / placement Policy taking into account the problems of the lady officers should be designed and forwarded to the member banks by IBA. 

The IT sector is a classical example where a lot of sympathy is shown to the women employees in the matter of posting and placement in order to get the best from them. 

2. Yet another major consideration is their safety and security at different centers. 

3. The lady Officers need to be extended the benefit of flexi-time and flexi-place concept. They should be given choice of their place at the time of transfer and placement keeping their difficulties in view. The Banks should be advised to keep one exclusive lady Officer in charge of Personnel Administration in all the Banks to attend to their exclusive issues including transfer, placement etc. 

4.The lady Officers whose spouses are working elsewhere should be accommodated at the same place. Similarly, where the wife and husband are employed in the same bank, they should also be accommodated at the same center. The spouse policy given by the Government should be implemented in Toto.

5.Flexi timing as well as work from home facility should be introduced for a limited period of 3 years during the entire service.

The Board of the largest Bank, State Bank of India recently approved the 'Work from Home' policy to enable its employees/officers to work while at home using mobile devices to address any urgent requirement they may have, which prevents their travelling to work. 

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Now, the Bank informed that it will be using mobile computing technologies and shall have continuous control over all the enabled devices centrally to manage and secure the data and applications on the mobile devices. The concept of “Work from Home” is a very welcome move, especially for the lady officers/employees. 

The increasing number of women in the Bank stands testimony to their faith in the Industry and their commitment amidst all the constraints. A large number of organizations have already come up with their action-plan to protect the interest of the women in our country. 

The trade unions in the organized sector have also contributed their mite to organize the women workers and help them in providing leadership to women workers and to espouse their cause with the Government and other agencies. Besides the IT Sector, the Banking Industry is one of the major sectors, employing a large number of women who are occupying several high positions in the organization. 

Hence, it is imperative on the part of the Bank as well to protect the interest of the women and ensure a congenial working environment along with the option to work from home at their convenience.

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SBI is now in the process of identifying jobs that can be done from home. Union had requested that the Concept of work from home be introduced to help our officers who are on sabbatical leave, sick leave and are unable to attend office for various reasons, but also capable of working from home or elsewhere. 

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