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Sunday, 5 November 2017

11th Bipartite Settlement - New Charter of Demands - Others Pay & Allowances

Banker's Union has submitted new charter of demands to IBA for early settlement of 11th Bipartite wage Settlement of State Run Public Sector Bank employees.

Following are the new charter of demand submitted in the category other Pay and Allowances related to regulation of working hours.

1. Working Hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day (which does not include lunch break of 30 minutes duration).

2. All Saturdays will be holidays. In other words, banks will work only on 5 days in a week.

3. All double sessional offices must be converted into single sessional offices in phases.

4. In case of bigger cities – ‘A’ Class cities and Metros – banks may have staggering business hours. They may start functioning between 8-00 AM and 10-30 AM and will have customer transactions for not less than 5 hours a day.

5. Including pre-lunch and post-lunch business hours and lunch interval, the total number of hours a staff is required to be physically present at the branch/office and on outside duty shall never exceed 9 hours a day.

6. If a staff member (Award Staff/Officer) is made to work beyond the stipulated time, additional amount of compensation calculated in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner must be paid in cash.
7. In case many staff members are advised to sit late quite often, it must be recorded.

8. If staff members are required to work for late hours on a regular basis, arrangements must be made to notify and fill the additional vacancies of permanent nature within 6 months period.

9. Staggering of duty hours may be effected with 15 days advance notice to the staff concerned.

10. Any changes in the daily working schedule shall be through written office order only. Oral instructions issued in this regard will not bind the staff concerned.

11. There shall be fair play, non-partisan behavior and transparency on the part of the branch head/immediate superior in every staff-related issue.

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