11th AIBEA blames AIBOC for Delay in 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement for Bankers


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Thursday, 14 February 2019

AIBEA blames AIBOC for Delay in 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement for Bankers

For what reason did AIBOC not participate in the last bi-partite talks?

AIBOC wanted IBA to intervene to obtain full mandate from 5 bank managements where this AIBOC only claims majority and were unable to obtain the full mandate themselves. They seem to be unable or unwilling to strike against these 5 managements and obtain these full mandates themselves.

In the last meeting, IBA had asked whether this talk is limited to workmen unions, due to the continued non participation of AIBOC.

So this question is to AIBOC. Why would others suffer for your inability to get full mandates and why would the talks be deferred indefinitely?

One strike on 21'st December and then what? Its been almost 2 months since and what changed? What is your action plan? Without having any concrete action plans for yourselves to pressurise the management other than writing a circular letter every now and then, how do you expect others to fall in line with you?

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The IBA offer of 10% was outrightly rejected by the UFBU  participants in the last meeting itself. So don't deduce this 10% as UFBU's or AIBEA's final demand.

And it is also a fact that this 10% increase itself is 400 Crore more than the total quantum hike received in Last BPS. And if the offer increases even by another 2-3 % the quantum increase from what we received in 10'th BPS will be more than 800 crores. And any more increase than that it will be much more.

Also the deterioration in the number of Senior Staffs in banks will obviously result in better allotment of this increase in to the pays of the Younger Staffs. So in effect this 10% is not going to be the direct % increase in the pay structure but the actual increase might be much better.

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Given this the fact why misguide and request for pay commission, which will in turn result in sacrificing all other hard earned rights like fixed working hours of award staff, lfc, medical claim, recruitment, number of promotions etc.? Once its pay commission/tribunal everything will be decided by them, the employees won't have any say in it. In central government already class 4 is abolished, ie in our case no sub staff cadre. 

God alone knows what else next.

It is also to be remembered that AIBEA was the front runner for making pension possible for the bank employees. But AIBOC kept spreading the malignant news in those days, that opting pension would be a loss and in the end many suffered by believing them and not choosing pension.

And again after much struggles, one more option was given to the employees then, at the cost of losing statutory pension for those who joined from April 2010. That's how the new recruits fell into NPS (DCPS) system. Now isn't it an irony to see the ones caused this now coming out and whining about it!

And do remember that AIBEA is the only union that has signed all the bipartite settlements. It was the only union to sign the 1'st Bipartite also. And it is still strong enough to sign and close the settlement single handedly if the situation warrants so.

AIBEA does not have a history of being a puppet union which kneels in front of management demands and sacrifices their own comrades for personal favors of the leaders. 

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Being this the truth and a fact, AIBOC should do something better than keep writing whining circulars and cry about  how other unions treat them, and rather learn to stand up for their own demands.

It's only the double standards of your own making which has double crossed the banking community all these years, so dear members don't fall prey to them again.

Received  from one of the blog user citing anonymous post !!!

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