AIBOC Lodged a Protest Against AIBEA Stands of Splitting the UFBU


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Thursday, 14 February 2019

AIBOC Lodged a Protest Against AIBEA Stands of Splitting the UFBU

All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC), bank officers' Union representing their demand to IBA under the umbrella of UFBU. AIBOC has lodged a protest to IBA citing with the reason that the AIBEA had threaten to split the UFBU.

A letter written by AIBOC General Secretary Soumya Datta to Chairman, IBA in this regard  which is self explanatory. 

(Registered under the Trade Unions Act 1926, Registration No.3427/Delhi)       6th Floor, E-Block, Samriddhi Bhavan, 1, Strand Road, Kolkata -700 001   c/o State Bank of India Officers’ Association (Bengal Circle)           Phone: 2210-1234, Fax: (033) 2210-2210     Ref No. AIBOC/2019/21    
Date: 11.02.2019     

The Convenor 

United Forum of Bank Unions  

Dear Sir,  

We invite your attention to a press report covering an address by Comrade C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, AIBEA at a meeting organised by the U.P. State Unit at Kanpur. 

In the address Comrade Venkatachalam has reportedly categorically declared that UFBU will be vertically split with the award staff union and more specifically AIBEA will sign the wage settlement before announcement of the schedule of the General Elections by the Election Commission. 

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He has reportedly stated that according to his estimates, the present offer made by the IBA is higher in quantitative terms than the quantum paid in the 10th Bipartite settlement. He has also stated that the Officers’ Associations are creating impediments to the settlement.  

02. We strongly denounce the unilateral pronouncement of one constituent of UFBU on the merits of the present offer of the IBA. This is very likely to jeopardize the ongoing negotiation in terms of that final achievement that the UFBU is collectively aspiring for. It will only strengthen the IBA’s hand in the wage revision talks and sabotage the cause for which AIBOC excused itself from the negotiation on 30th November, 2018 and abstained from the talks on 2nd Feb, 2019. 

Incidentally, NOBO also abstained itself from the talks on 2nd February, 2019. We also feel that it would sell out the aspirations of the entire 10 lakh strong bankers’ fraternity as well as retirees, who are looking up to the UFBU to ensure a decent salary revision/pension updation as submitted in the Charter of Demands, which is based on certain basic principles i.e. minimum wages concept.  

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03. Despite such a provocative open declaration by the General Secretary of AIBEA, we seek your immediate intervention at this critical juncture so that the edifice of the joint movement built over the years does not suffer at the ego altar of an organisation inflicting irreparable damage on the cause of the entire banking fraternity of the country.  

We urge you to convene an emergent UFBU meeting to discuss this issue threadbare to protect the interests of our members and retirees.  

With regards,  

Yours sincerely,  

 (Soumya Datta) 
General Secretary

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