11th BPS Pending Issues - Delay in Signing the Joint Notes for Wage Settlement


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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

11th BPS Pending Issues - Delay in Signing the Joint Notes for Wage Settlement

The officers union has summarized the list of pending items with IBA and constraints of signing the Joint notes for settling the wage revision.

The officer unions has requested the meeting time with IBA for discussion on these points. They also request to convene a meeting of sub group of officers to discuss various non-financial issues simultaneously with the meeting of working group for officers. These issues are going to be an integral part of the Joint Note to be signed between IBA and officers’ organizations. 
11th BPS pending non-financial issues 

1. Introduction of 5 day Banking: Core Group meeting held in the month of December 2018, IBA had agreed in principle to take forward the issue to Government of India and RBI for implementation. 

2. Updation of Pension : It was categorically expressed by IBA in the meeting in Dec’18 that impact analysis is required to understand the load factor in the individual Banks. Hence, appointment two actuaries, as was done in 2009, should be carried out within a defined time frame. 

3. Discipline & Appeal Regulations ; 

a) Effects of Punishment – SBI Circular can be taken on record for discussion and its implementation in individual banks. 

b) As per government circular of 2006, retired personnel can extend assistance in departmental enquiries up to 7 cases. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

4. Accountability Policy : The detailed document was submitted to IBA. The views of member banks can be collected and based on the same an advisory may be issued by the IBA. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

5. Double jeopardy: As one-time measure, those who had been denied of PQP, FPP and stagnation increments on account of their inability to accept the promotion due to certain circumstances beyond their control be considered for financial relief. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

6. Payment of Boarding & Lodging to Defence Assistants. (Issue rose during discussions and was to be referred to IBA HR committee) 

7. Grid Holiday : Officers who are working in grids are eligible to get 6 or 7 National holidays as against the national declared holidays of 21 to 23 days on an average available to the officers working in braches. The difference in the leave should be credited to their ordinary leave account and the overall ceiling should not be made applicable to these officers. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

8. Release of Increments on 1st January and 1st July ; A note was submitted and in the course of the discussion, it was agreed to consider the same. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

9. Improvement in special area allowance and special compensatory allowance for NE, Jammu. Himachal, Sikkim, Sunderban and terrorist infested areas. (Detailed Note Submitted) 

10. Improvement in L.F.C and monetization of LFC - Mode of travel for all officers should be by Air, for senior executives- executive class travel and restoration of foreign travel within the domestic entitlement (Detailed Note Submitted) 

11. Definitions of family should include the parents, father-in-law and mother-in-law, brothers and sisters, divorced or deserted to be treated as members of the family for purpose of LFC. HTC and medical facilities (No age bar for divorced daughter). The income criteria for dependent to be increased substantially. 

12. Issues regarding lady employees including Child care leave: The Hon’ble Minister for State for Finance and Corporate Affairs had declared in the floor of Parliament that the facility of childcare leave will be also available to all female staff in Public Sector Undertakings. This issue along with lady employee related issues should be incorporated in the Joint Note under leave rules (Detailed note submitted). 

13.Gratuity as per Act: An officer who has put in more than 30 years of service, 45 days of wages should be taken into account, as many ALC decisions are already there on records.

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