AIBEA Directs Union Members for LEVY @4% From Net Salary


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Monday, 16 November 2020

AIBEA Directs Union Members for LEVY @4% From Net Salary

Another blow to the pocket of the bank employees after lower hike in saalry under 11th BPS Wage Settlement. The Banker Unions like AIBEA has demanded the levy at 4% out of the net arrears paid. The levy is being demanded for the purposes of the expenses put out by the unions in settling the 11th BPS with IBA.

Though the Banker unions has not shared the expenses list at public domain before demanding the levy for the same. Ideally, the unions must share the list of expenses to the fellow members for their satisfaction and justification in demand.

The levy at 4% of Net salary is really at higher side and not acceptable. The load factor for 11th BPS is only 2.5% where as levy is 4%. The demand is made even in harder time like Corona.

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There are many Officers Union like CBOO, which are not chargung any levy for settling the 11th BPS. They have announced it publically.

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