SBI to Pay Ad-hoc Arrears By 31st, Know the Guidelines


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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

SBI to Pay Ad-hoc Arrears By 31st, Know the Guidelines

SBI to pay 11th BPS Arrears by 31st - The Executive Committee of the Central Board in its meeting held on 08.12.2020 has accorded approval for implementation of the provisions of the above Settlement, as applicable, to the Bank, subject to receipt of NOC from Govt of India. 

Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial Services have conveyed their ‘No Objection’ to IBA, authorizing the Banks to pay revised salary and arrears of pay and allowances w.e.f. 01.11.2017 as per the provision of the Joint Note pending amendments to the Officer’s Service Regulations/Rules. 

 Accordingly, it has been decided to disburse to officers, an ad-hoc amount equivalent to the net arrears payable for the period 01.11.2017 to 31.12.2020, after deduction of the ad-hoc amount paid in October 2019. 

Also, an ad-hoc amount equal to the increase in emoluments worked out, on the basis of month-to-month calculation of the old & revised emoluments from 1st January 2021 onwards may continue to be paid till formalities for amending SBI Officers’ Service Rules are completed. 

The HRMS will make payment of arrear for the period 01.11.2017 to 31.12.2020 by debit to the Central Office Accounts Deptt. Unit 2 (03999) and arrears for the period 01.01.2021 onwards by debit to Charges Account of the respective branch/office.

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