How to Buy Oxygen Concentrator Under Festival Advance ?


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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

How to Buy Oxygen Concentrator Under Festival Advance ?

The Demand of Oxygen Concentrators has suddenly spike up due to second wave of COVID. This is now a must have utility for each household as per the current situation. There is a huge gap in demand and supply of Oxygen in the hospitals and due to this the death counts are higher.

What is Oxygen Concentrators ?

Oxygen Concentrators are small devices supplying supplementary oxygen-enriched air to people requiring oxygen therapy. They are generally used for patients with lung and other respiratory diseases. Oxygen concentrators produce up to 95 per cent pure oxygen. 

They are generally used for patients with lung and other respiratory diseases. 

These devices filter the air in a room, only filtering the oxygen through the air, while letting the nitrogen get back out. This provides patients with air that has 90% to 95% oxygen, as against the actual ambient air which contains only about 21% oxygen, while 78% air is made of nitrogen and the remaining 1% is other gases.

It is important to understand that oxygen concentrators are not the same as oxygen cylinders. 

As per medical experts, in the case of Covid-19 patients, who feel breathless when their oxygen saturation drops below 94 per cent, they must be put on Oxygen Therapy immediately to avoid damage to other body parts. 

In this situation, Oxygen concentrators play an important role as they supply supplemental oxygen to patients via nasal cannula. 

These devices require a continuous electricity supply, ranging between 100W to 600W based on the model. 

Oxygen concentrators availability sizes

Oxygen concentrators are available in 3 LPM, 5 LPM, 8 LPM, and 10 LPM units, and a 10 LPM concentrator can be used to support two patients having low oxygen. 


While a 5 LPM unit costs something between Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000, 

a 10 LPM unit costs somewhere around Rs 1.6 lakh. 

What to look for while purchasing oxygen concentrators: 

There are two types— continuous flow and pulse dose. Continuous flow oxygen will provide the same flow of oxygen every minute unless it is turned off irrespective of whether the patient is breathing it in or not, while pulse dose oxygen concentrator detects breathing pattern and dispenses oxygen when it detects inhalation. 

1. The oxygen dispensed per minute will vary in the second case. 
2. It is best to check with a medical professional before purchasing the product.


Where to Buy ?

There are many public sector banks who have added the Oxygen Concentrator as the item list under Festival Advance facility of their employees.

1. Users can buy oxygen concentrators online, including from e-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon. 

2. They can also buy from 1mg, Nightingales India, Healthklin, and Healthgenie, 

Buyers are advised to be careful, as some websites are also selling equipment like nebulisers and humidifiers instead of concentrators and are scamming people. 

Oxygen Concentrator manufacturers, importers: Phillips, BPL Medical Technologies Ltd, Invacare, AirSep corporation, SS Technologies, Oshocorp Global Pvt Ltd, Medtronic, Inogen, Nidek Medical, Chart Industries are some common importers and manufacturers in India. Users can buy products of brands like Equinox, Oxlife, Inogen, Aspen, OCM, and Yuwell.

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